Holy Wind, Holy Fire, Holy Spirit 2/11/2017

“Then they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different languages as the Spirit gave them ability for speech.” Acts 2:4

Acts 2 illustrates the very first Pentecost–the very first day the church existed. On that day, 3,000 came to the Lord because of witnessing the work of the Holy Spirit.  Two gifts of the Holy Spirit were demonstrated–speaking and understanding tongues. The Holy Spirit had come upon the apostles and they began speaking in tongues. But, each person hearing them understood them in their own language. Remember that in Acts 1 Jesus told the apostles that they would receive the Holy Spirit and would witness to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). But, at that time there was no Bible to refer to; all they had to help them be witnesses was the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost is the 49th day after Easter…every year. Oftentimes Pentecost is viewed as a one-time event that took place in biblical times and is described in Acts 2:1-21. However, Pentecost is the coming of the Holy Spirit upon believers; an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit. So, it is obvious that it isn’t a one-time event. In fact, Pentecost is a celebration of such events and a reminder of Jesus’ promise of God’s presence within us rather than the event itself since the event itself can happen at any time.

Many of us wonder what the Holy Spirit has to do with our everyday life. Paul answers this question by describing the Holy Spirit in 3 ways:

  1. The Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness- Romans 8:26
  2. The Holy Spirit sends us spiritual gifts to equip the church for its ministry- 1 Corinthians 12:4
  3. The Holy Spirit reshapes our character and temperament- Galatians 5:22-26

Ultimately, the Holy Spirit transforms us (when we allow Him to) and works through us to make the kingdom/promise of God a reality. We as believers must be willing vessels to work for God toward transformation. Typically this transformation results in our service to others. However, there are four other functions of the Holy Spirit (known as the P’s of Pentecost at King’s Church):

  1. Power
    • The Holy Spirit is the power of God’s love at work redeeming and transforming the world
  2. Presence
    • In John 14:18 Jesus states that He will not leave us as orphans; referring to the Holy Spirit coming upon all those who believe.
    • The Holy Spirit is God’s presence within us and our lives
      • We tend to take after our parents and God as our Father in Heaven is no different. We have Holy Ghost power within us.
  3. Peace
    • When the Holy Spirit descended at the first Pentecost all history/tension between Jews and Gentiles was wiped away.
    • In John 20:19-22, Jesus says to the disciples, “Peace be with you.” and “Receive the Holy Spirit.” Illustrating to us that the Holy Spirit and peace go hand-in-hand.
  4. Purpose
    • The Holy Spirit doesn’t act erratically, He has a purpose for us.
      • Our purpose is to go out into the world to baptize, to make disciples of all nations, and to preach forgiveness of sins.
    • We are to live life in preparation for the day of the Lord through repentance and faith–leading to transformation within us.

We can describe and experience the Holy Spirit in many ways, but we must also recognize the Holy Spirit is present with us and works through us in many ways. But the Holy Spirit has none of the aforementioned functions if we don’t have faith in God’s continuing presence within us, if we don’t allow Him to work through us and transform us.

And that’s the HOLY SPIRIT, BATMAN!!!!



  1. Dana Roca · February 15

    You know, you’re really good at this! You are so right when you say that we have the free choice to allow Him to work through us and to transform us. To be able to show God’s love through our actions sounds like such a simple thing… but so many times it’s not so easy! Good job.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Joe Reidling · March 2

    I really enjoyed reading this one also, I shared with Natalie hopefully she will join and read with us. Good job, can’t wait for the next one 😇

    Liked by 1 person

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